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Google admits its SEO could use a little work | Web Crawler – CNET News

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Nice… To many in the SEO industry, Google is the end-all and be-all for everything related to optimizing websites. Getting on the first page results for your particular keywords on a Google search is the holy grail that all SEO’s seek on a routine basis. For their own websites, and especially those of their clients. […]

Information Architecture: The Backbone Of SEO & Usability

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Great article here from Kim Krause Berg, founder of the Cre8asiteForums, and Usability Consultant for UsabilityEffect.com. It echoes my thoughts and explains the “unintentional” SEO I’ve done for my website design clients since 1998. Good SEO, with users visiting a site, staying a while, recommending it to their friends and associates, and maybe even making […]

Google Openly Profiles SEOs As Criminals

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If a business in my home town decides to give away 50 samples of a product, to advertise an upcoming trade show, or perhaps a celebration of so many years in business, and as a result of this giveaway they receive numerous social media mentions, via Twitter, Facebook, etc. – they will likely obtain a […]

What’s Yahoo’s “Plan B” For Search?

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It doesn’t sounds like there is much of a “Plan B” in Yahoo’s playbook. This will throw the SEO world for a loop. Everyone is trying to formulate a strategy for the Microsoft-Yahoo search “merger” – and now the possibility that it may not happen at all. Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan outlines here how […]

How to Highlight Your Site Listing in Google SERPs

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Very cool tool here that let’s you quickly find your site in a search engine results page. Specify the domains to highlight (and the highlight colors for each) and you’re good to go.  At right it shows a site highlighted in Red. This does require Firefox, and the free Greasemonkey script manager. Very useful tool […]